Do what you love

The new Hobby Center at Bailey’s Glen will be the perfect place to pursue doing what you love.

Whether you enjoy woodworking, pottery, screenprinting, sewing or embroidery, brewing your own beer, or growing flowers and plants, the new Hobby Center will have something for everyone.

Woodworking Workshop

For those who appreciate good table saws, wood grains, and dove tails.

The woodworking shop will boast all the tools you need to explore those woodworking projects you’ve put off, or dreamed of trying. Table saws, miter saws, planer, and more. Build your next family heirloom or a special hand-crafted gift, or maybe simply focus on that project you’ve just always wanted to try.

Sewing, Embroidery & Screenprinting Studio

Where seams and stitching meet, whether backstitching, basting, or topstitching.

When you love to create your own garments, home decor, and more, the sewing studio is the place to be. The studio will include sewing machines as well as embroidery and screenprinting machines to suit every project’s needs.

Pottery Shop

If you have a love for throwing clay and molding art with your hands.

The pottery studio will offer a potter’s wheel for you to throw your pottery, and of course a kiln for firing. Create your next best art piece or even a new serving bowl for your next party.

Beer & Wine Room

Brew your own IPA or Stout in our beer and wine room, or see how your hand fairs at a Merlot instead. Invite your neighbors to for a taster when you are ready!

Community Gardens

The community gardens are perfect for those with a green thumb. Grow prize-worthy flowers, or your favorite vegetables. Nothing tastes quite as good as freshly picked cherry tomatoes.

Auto Shop

Miss tinkering with the “old girl”. The auto shop will be a designated area for you to tinker with your car, or motor bike.

Let’s Chat

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Enjoy everything the Carolinas have to offer.

Our first class amenities and calendar-packed activities can also be enjoyed alongside planned outings.

Retirement doesn’t mean you’re ready to slow down. At Bailey’s Glen we are always ready to go! Typical outings include apple picking, craft shows, theatre, go-cart racing, golf, wine tasting, and trips to learn more about our local community. Lake Norman and the Carolinas are yours to embrace!

What do you get when you combine custom homes, desirable amenities, and a list of attractive activities?

Come see for yourself what Bailey’s Glen has to offer!


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